Automotive Brazil 2025 is a market observatory, dedicated to “produce knowledge about the Brazilian automotive industry”.

The Observatory Automotive Brazil 2025 conducts studies on the evolution and future prospects of the Brazilian automotive industry in order to subsidize the long-term planning, the future vision and the collective goals of the competitive stakeholders and sustainability of this sector.

The main interest of the Observatory Automotive Brazil 2025 is to investigate in depth trends and uncertainties that could propel significant changes in the automotive sector and monitor its evolution over time, indicating possible paths for the industry’s development.

To fulfill its objectives Observatory Automotive Brazil 2025 connects to a global network of specialists working today on many different areas of the automotive industry.

Besides that, Observatory Automotive Brazil 2025 maintain a strong relationships with the industry, government agencies, universities, research institutes, labor organizations, media and other key players in the international community of the automotive sector.

Observatory Automotive Brazil 2025 Goals

  • Identify trends, critical uncertainties and key factors that will have high impact in the development of the automotive industry thru 2025.

  • Build a vision for the future able to identify risks and opportunities to provide competitive advantages to the participants in the project.

  • Facilitate the definition of long-term collective objectives that can drive a more coordinated action from the stakeholders.

The Automotive Brazil 2025 Founders



Paulo Cardamone has been working for the automotive industry for over 37 years, serving local and global companies managing marketing, strategic planning and product development areas. During this time, he led consulting projects for IHS Automotive and CSM Worldwide.

Mr. Cardamone has been working with the Brazilian government since 2010 and was the main consultant in the projects related to INOVAR AUTO, providing support for the Ministry of Industry on legislation for local content and the emission and fuel efficiency legislation.

Cardamone graduated in Statistics from the State University of Campinas – UNICAMP, and holds an MBA in Administration from São Paulo University – USP. He is President of the Regional Automotive Committee at AMCHAM in Campinas, SP and is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).



Alexandre Ayres has been a consultant for strategic planning, competitive intelligence and knowledge management for over 25 years, serving private companies, associations and governments.

Mr. Ayres has a great deal of experience in market analysis for the automotive industry, mainly in the development of geo-marketing projects and demand analysis to support the expansion of dealer networks for leading OEMs.

Ayres has already developed projects on Future Scenarios for more than 30 global organizations including governmental offices, foundations and associations.

Ayres has a Masters degree in Information Technology & Knowledge Management from the University of Brasilia and holds a post-graduate degree in Competitive Intelligence from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.